Viewpoint are Car Clinic experts with a long history of successful projects.

We provide an end to end solution for your project and partner with market researchers, recruiters and other specialists providers to deliver world class results.

Feature vehicles at any stage of development

Prototype Vehicles

Clay Models

Cut Car sections

Product Launches

Brand Comparisons

Model Comparisons

Facility Configuration

Full showrooms including backdrops

Adjacent group rooms

Showroom and vehicle interior lighting

Qualified riggers for high aspect lighting and backdrops

High quality audio and video recording

Client viewing and live streaming

Camera crews for close-up or multiple camera shots

Services available

Car detailing before and during the project

Auxiliary batteries, de-badging, vehicle wrapping and car covers

Delivery and pick up at the venue

24hr security, manufacturer anonymity, respondent screening, metal detectors

Locations available

Onsite at Viewpoint Centre with area up to 500m2.

Centralized large pavilions or hotel ballrooms

Stand alone specialized studios for high level security

We offer both an onsite and mobile Car-clinic solution.

Our venue enables onsite car clinic projects in our secure large underground car-park, with many different layout styles possible.

We host offsite car clinic projects at a number of quality venues around Melbourne. We provide extensive technical and specialty equipment to these sites.

Respondent reactions are recorded via high quality audio and visual. This recording can be live-streamed to the client viewing room or any offsite location around the world as well as stored on our secure media library for access post the project.

  • Fixed or roaming cameras. Group, in car or individual audio mics.
  • Internal stairwell to private car display area.
  • Secure and strong security, with a special focus on concepts in development.
  • Overnight secure vehicle storage
  • Border curtain and directional illumination for each vehicle on display
  • Quantitative survey groups can circulate at coordinated times.

You guys did a great job handling all of the curve balls we threw at you, and always had a smile on and did not have any problems getting it all taken care of.


With your constant help with following up on participants throughout the day, keeping us updated with each session, greatly assisted us with achieving an almost 100% attendance rate, and happy clients!! Your efforts and professionalism are always greatly appreciated.


We were very happy with the services and facilities at Viewpoint. The client also mentioned many times how happy she was too! Thank you to you and the team for all the hard work!